I dream of socks. 1

Sock feet on sailboat cockpit floorThe weather is getting cooler in Miami, and I am SO ready for the few weeks a year that I can wear socks and (almost) not be stared at like I’m from another planet.

You see, I love socks almost as much as I love chocolate. Mostly because they keep my icy cold feet nice and cozy. But also because some socks are irresistibly cute.

And when I say some socks, I mean the lovely, creative, fashionable AND sustainable socks from Sock Dreams, who carry a nice selection of socks and hosiery made with recycled yarn, hemp, and organic fibers. Many styles are also either made in USA or with fair trade labor. I have been a longtime fan, and in this photo I’m wearing a pair of discontinued socks (sorry – when you only put them on a few times a year, they don’t wear out much). But the friendly folks at Sock Dreams have stocked up on plenty of new sock candy to make up for the loss!!!

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