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Home made Valentines from recycled paperSo here are the Valentines the 5 year old and I made for his class. We started out with used wrapping paper and gift bags that were torn or otherwise no longer reusable, but ended up using some of my scrap (read: stained, rejected, torn) watercolor paper as well.

Today is Valentine’s Day, so really, you should have it all done already. But I know how hard that is. So if you are in a bind and need something cute, quickly, you are welcome to use my heart card template.

Here are the very simple steps to make 1 Valentine. Multiply as needed.

For this DIY upcycling project you will need a printer, scissors, a glue stick, and four different pieces of scrap paper.

1. Select four different kinds of paper – the first will be the inside of your card, the second the outside, on the third you will write your Valentine’s message, and you will draw/cut hearts out of the fourth.

2. Print the heart card template and cut it out to make your tracing template.

3. Trace the tracing template once on each of the two papers you’ve selected to make the heart card.

4. Cut out the two heart card shapes, and glue them together with a glue stick.

5. Cut a 2″ x 2″ square out of your message paper.

6. Write your message on the square paper, and then fold the four corners over your message to the center of the square, making a tiny envelope.

7. Draw and cut out a heart to stick on the envelope as a seal, and more hearts to decorate as needed.

8. Glue the little sealed envelope on the inside of your card, and glue on any other decorations.

9. Fold your card, and you’re done. Small and cute – handmade and recycled. What more do you want from a Valentine?

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