My cup of tea 2.

eco-friendly teapot with mesh strainer I have been lusting after this teapot for a while now. Not just because it’s gorgeous and so me, and not just because it has a nice plastic-free stainless mesh tea infuser. But because it is part of Chantal’s Pure Collection – a line of stoneware that shows off the natural beauty of the clay through an eco-friendly firing and glazing process free of coloring agents. And here’s the best part: Chantal didn’t just make one token green teapot. Most of their lovely stoneware products are available in Pure – just look for the eco-friendly color option CL while shopping.

Oh, and one last reason for coveting this wonderful tea brewing vessel: according to Chantal, the stoneware made with their innovative method is also the healthiest choice for baking, serving and storing.






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