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Stainless steel tea container with paper heartMy cup of tea does not look terribly fancy. In fact, my trusty stainless insulated canteen is pretty utilitarian. It accompanies me while taking the 5 year old to school, while working in my studio, and anywhere else I am in desperate need of it. Which is almost everywhere. All this while keeping my precious beverage hot for hours.

But don’t judge the tea by its container. For me, it is much more than a simple means of hydration. It is a source of comfort and health. It is part of a daily ritual of kettle, strainer and spoons to measure and mix the best aromatic brew for that moment, which leaves me feeling like some kind of luxurious chemist.

Every day, I choose my favorite flavor from a lovely selection of loose leaf teas, additional herbs and dried fruits, and then add my choice of mixers. I like my decaf green tea with a pinch of lemongrass and/or dried orange bits, or mixed with honey and a squeeze of lemon, and I love my Masala Chai Rooibosas a soy latte.

Arbor Teas’ organic fair trade Masala Chai Rooibos loose leaf tea

My teas, herbs and fruits come from several different companies, but I wish they were all like my tea supplier of choice, Arbor Teas. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Arbor Teas offers a wide variety of organic fair trade teas, which come packed in backyard compostable bags. Check out their eco-brewing tips, carbon offset efforts, and earth-friendlier shipping option (USPS parcel post), and you’ll see they’re serious about sustainability. Now that’s my cup of tea.

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