One dozen green Valentines.

Behold my very first gift guide of earth-conscious Valentines. 12 lovely gifts, ranging from cute-on-a-budget to Why Not Luxurious. I hope you’ll find something suitable for your love(s).

1 & 2: Think Pink. Think under $10.

Handmade pink heart soap on EtsyPretty Pink Valentine’s Day Hearts

What: A lovely vegan gift to pamper her skin. These adorable glycerin soaps are enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.

Why: Pretty Pink Hearts are handmade in the USA. They are 100% animal friendly, phylate free, paraben free, sulfate free, detergent free, and contain no added fragrance.

How much: $6 for 2 hearts, plus $3.35 shipping from EcoChicSoaps in Golden, Colorado.

Pink Knees eco-friendly socks by Sock DreamsPink Knees

What: For the cutest, smartest girl in town: over-the-knee stripes in precious pinks to warm her toes, legs, and heart.

Why: These dreamy bubblegum colored socks are made in the USA with 65% recycled cotton.

How much: $6, and FREE shipping from Sock Dreams in Portland, Oregon.


3 & 4: The Classics. Done Better.
One dozen organic red rosesOne Dozen Eco Friendly Red Roses

What: Twelve elegant stems to make a romantic grand gesture for a classy, eco-conscious dame.

Why: This EcoBloom certified bouquet has multiple certifications relating to environmental and community impact, fair wages and safe labor practices. Delivered to your door through carbon offset shipping, wrapped in recycled eco-packaging.

How much: $49.95 plus $14.95 (estimated) shipping from Organic Bouquet in Maitland, Florida.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Valentine by Sjaak'sDark Chocolate Heart filled with Dark Chocolates

What: Chocolates wrapped in chocolate. I’m sure you know at least one person who would really, really love this. Also available in milk chocolate (non-vegan).

Why: Organic, Fair Trade, and Vegan to boot.

How much: $12.50 plus $8.90 shipping (calculated to Miami) from Sjaak’s in Petaluma, California.


5 & 6: For Him. And Her.

15" Recycled tire laptop sleeveUpcycled 15″ Laptop Sleeve

What: This protective, water resistant laptop sleeve can be totally rocking for a dude, and very stylish for a lady.

Why: Made in the USA with upcycled inner tubes. Vegan.

How much: $49 plus $11.59 shipping (calculated to Miami) from English Retreads in Boulder, Colorado.

WeWOOD 100% recycled teak watchWeWOOD Date Teak Watch

What: An awesome men’s watch made out of wood. And of course we all know that women are really into men’s watches right now.

Why: Made of 100% recycled teak, this one goes straight to a sailor’s heart. One watch plants one tree. Hypo-allergenic.

How much: $140 plus $10 shipping (calculated to Miami) from WeWOOD in Los Angeles, California.


7 & 8: For the Kids. And their Friends.

You're Monsterific ValentineEco Monsters Valentines

What: Fun, friendly monsters celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special message suitable for any age. Each card is printed on seed paper embedded with North American wildflower seeds. A variety of 5 messages, comes in packs of 10. Also available in blue.

Why: More than a card, this is a pretty neat educational gift. The lucky recipient can plant it in the garden to grow a bouquet of wildflowers. Packaged in compostable materials.

How much: $5.99 (pack of 10) plus $9.50 shipping from Botanical Paperworks in Winnipeg, Canada.

Recycled crayon heartsRecycled Crayon Hearts

What: With its fun heart shape and all kinds of great colors, this little Valentine will put a smile on any kid’s face.

Why: If your kids have a bin full of broken crayons that haven’t been used in forever, why not recycle them? It is a fun project for them, and it teaches them about recycling, too.

How much: FREE. If you don’t count the cost of running the oven. Instructions by Pamela at Marin Mommies (the photo is hers, too – don’t they look amazing?) can be found here.


9 & 10: Dinner for Two.

Recycled stemless wine glassesRecycled Wine Glasses

What: Uniquely stemless, beautifully irregular vessels for enjoying a good wine.

Why: Handcrafted in Colombia of recycled glass bottles.

How much: $32 (set of 2) plus $5.95 economy or $9.95 standard shipping from Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn, New York.

Bright red organic cloth napkinsRed Cloth Napkins

What: Celebrate Heart Day with dinner for two (or four) at home. These festive red napkins will be just the thing to set the mood.

Why: Good for countless uses, this bright red napkin set is made from the Pure Organic Solid collection by Kaufman–“100% organic cotton with low impact, organic dyes”. The fabric meets the GOTS certification standard.

How much: $26 for 4 napkins, plus $3.55 shipping from LaurelSusanStudio in Mooresville, North Carolina.


11 & 12: Ask The Question!

Lavender heart sachets with question mark and exclamation pointPunctuated Valentine

What: These punctuated lavender filled hearts almost say it for you. It’s a definite step in the right direction.

Why: Hand sewn from recycled sweaters and other woolens. Filled with organic lavender.

How much: $30 plus $6.50 shipping from JwrobelStudio in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Ring that holds a tiny noteMessage in a Ring

What: Write a super-tiny note, roll it up reallyreally tightly, and stuff it into the small tube that tops this playful sterling silver ring. Your words will not easily be forgotten… Perfect for a love note or (dare I say it?) a marriage proposal! Believe me, she would *love* to help you pick out the real engagement ring. There are also butterfly and winged pendants to carry your love.

Why: Ahem. Well. I made this. This is what I do during the day. But it is made of 100% recycled sterling silver in my tiny, energy efficient studio, and will come packed in a 100% recycled cardboard jewelry box?

How much: $115, and FREE shipping from Mahi Livain in Miami, Florida.

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