Put some Eco in your Eggs: 6 Easter Bunny ideas. 1

When you have a little one, there are few things as exciting as waking up one Sunday morning to find that the Easter Bunny has visited. There is such intense joy in discovering all those hidden surprises and special treats. Unfortunately, Mr. Rabbit does not usually bring the healthiest things – for the little one or for the big wide world she lives in. Here are a few suggestions for a friendlier egg hunt.

1 & 2: THE EGGS

Easter eggs decorated by a 4 year old and his mammaThe Real: Natural Dyes
Why use food coloring or dyeing kits when you can just grab some things already in your kitchen to dye your eggs? As you can see from last year’s picture, I’m no genius when it comes to dyeing eggs. I lack the proper amount of patience, and the 4 year old added his own twist to them with his (non toxic) markers and some construction paper. Still, you may be able to discern that I’ve had some success with turmeric (yellow) and beets (light pink). Natural egg dye tutorials with far more impressive results can be found here, here, and here.

The Fake: Reuse!!!
If the Easter Bunny has brought you treats in plastic eggs, there is no reason not to save them for next year, along with the inevitable paper or plastic grass and other holiday decorations. Ours (yes, I’m afraid we have them) have been with us 3 years now, and they still look shiny and new. From an educational standpoint, you could even have your child help you get the empty eggs ready for the Easter Bunny. I’m sure our floppy eared friend would not object to reusing the old eggs. Hey, it even brings a modest benefit to his wallet.


Bunny Surprise Garden
The 5 year old has really caught the gardening bug. He likes transplanting seedlings to bigger pots, watering flowers, and picking and eating our tiny tomatoes. So perhaps this year, his Easter basket (No need to bring us a new one, dear Bunny!) could contain a surprise seed package with a mix of carrot, lettuce, and other “bunny favorite” seeds. Our budding gardener might also like to find an egg carton to start the seeds, and – to balance out the Easter candy – some ready to eat vegetables.

Organic Toys
If Mr. Rabbit felt like adding a stuffed animal toy as a special keepsake, he might consider a responsibly made, organic snuggle bunny – or veggie. These loveable vegetables come from the folks at Under The Nile, who have created a wonderful collection of responsibly produced organic toys.


Fair Trade Chocolate Easter eggs in egg cartonFair Trade Chocolate
Though I prefer my chocolate to be fair trade and organic, it is important that it be fair trade. This cute egg carton filled with chocolate eggs is brought to us by Divine Chocolate. It may not be organic, but it does work with the completely Easter-appropriate theme of helping your fellow man. Divine Chocolate is available through Servv – a nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide.


Organic Jelly Beans at Natural Candy StoreOrganic Candy
I’m not saying it’s healthy, but when you cut out the artificial flavors, artificial colors and dyes, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and make it organic, it’s got to be at least a good bit healthier than the average junk. The Natural Candy Store is a one stop shop for all sorts of candies that meet with those criteria. Their organic Easter candy section has a ton of fun options for Easter Bunny treats.


I hope I’ve been able to bring some Bunny inspiration. What will you be hunting for this Easter?

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